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Author: Admin_MMO51

[Annc]COR Server merger details and compensation plan [ Promote this link! ]

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Post time: 2016-05-12 03:51:23
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    S8 should be livid, and anyone on M1 that has ever preached "fairness" should be saying something as well. Get ready S8, because if we get effed, you can bet you guys will be next.

This is absolute garbage, rather than promoting new players, these admins are doing the exact opposite. You think any of us would go out on social media and encourage our friends to play this game whenever this is how you treat us. Unfreakingbelievable.


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Post time: 2016-05-12 07:13:26
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Why not delay merge time and run a mars event for S7?

I think this would help the players out there immensely, and would enable them to catch up on what is essentially the standard level of day to day gear on M1.

Most people have at one time or another had to deal with merging with an older server, and its always going to be an issue. I don't think the solution is to give out free sets of gear as that is unfair on those who never got free gear and have worked for years to get to where they are. Instead i think younger servers should be given more opportunity to catch up if they are willing to put the work in, and several players on S7 have shown that they are more than willing to put the work in. Give them the time and the ability to do it and they will! Handing out 1 or 2 sets of gear won't change much, but running more events for them certainly will.
Trinket events is a big one. A lot of players on the newer servers don't have much in the way of holy trinkets, run a holy trinket event.
Run a mars event so they can get more workable heroes.
Don't merge servers right after top level events like spartan, when no one has any fricken troops or energy left, i really shouldn't even have to mention this one.

All this i am sure, is falling on dear ears. And it is why i don't bother posting that often, but surely admin, you must see how few players you have on this game, you should be doing more to retain the ones you have left and encourage new ones to come in.

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Post time: 2016-05-12 12:29:12
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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Post time: 2016-05-12 14:37:00
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Hello dear all,
we will reconsider the compensation and will let you know by tomorrow.
thank you

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Post time: 2016-05-12 20:01:15
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It is obvious that you neither have played this game nor understand it.
As all but you knows there are only 3 players in S7 that were getting spartan equipment in last event. Other few active players only have mainly fearless equipment, some spartan pieces from previous easy and dumb event and some hardcore and brigth gear.
Why "few" active players, because a single fast growing player (Stefan) and his league harrased other players making them quit and many of them moved to S8. This made S7 an almost dead server.
The "few" reemaining players (besides the 3 stronger one) will be just sitting ducks after merge with no chance to survive. There was no other event in S7 to get Vulcan and Mars equipment either because you were busy popping out new servers and doing something else. And no time to get trinkets. How can you compete with M1 players players that have been playing for years slowly getting trinkets. How many trinkets can you get in 6-7 months?

Why merge now and not wait more time? Because main coiner player in S7 asked for it after killing it and now he is bored.

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Post time: 2016-05-13 01:33:59
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Edited by Shafiu_001 at 2016-05-13 01:34

These admins *** **** ***** ******* **** * ***** *** ** ****** **** *** ****** *** * * ****** **** *** * * ***** ** ***** *** *** ***** **** *.

***** brainless ****heads

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Post time: 2016-05-13 01:50:23
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If there is going to be a merge, I think it would be fair to offer Server 7 2 full sets of Vulcan and 1 full set of Mars, as Probus server got when we merged to this last one.  Otherwise is unthinkable for both servers to compete, and will cause players to forfeit accounts.  Try to make this merge as smooth as possible.  The foreseeable is true, a merge will happen, just try to be fair to all players.

Sueallyn, Probus or the merged server that has no name....

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Post time: 2016-05-13 05:28:31
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Ling replied at 2016-05-06 09:21
WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwww what a creppy compensation heh heh

Like vlad and trixter said, s7 only 3 playe ...

S5 only got a Mars set   s6 got 2 vulcan and 1 mars

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Post time: 2016-05-13 05:38:08
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Edited by Cezar at 2016-05-13 06:04

S6 was opened in April 2015. S7 was opened in August 2015. S6 was merged in early September 2015 (less than 5 months after it was opened). It only had 1 Vulcan event, got 2 Vulcan sets and 1 Mars set as compensation. S7 will only merge now (if compared to S6 with a delay of 4 months). S7 had 2 pseudo-events to get Spartan. Which gave them the chance to get Spartan only by logging in daily. If they pushed a bit at RCs and WSCs, they could have got more. But that meant work. The last REAL Spartan event showed who is actually interested to invest time and effort to get equip. Some of the S7 players did great, so they need to be appreciated. Some did not, and they are the ones asking for equip. In my opinion it is not fair for the real players on S7 and for the others on the merged servers to give S7 a single piece of Spartan. Sue is right, if they need compensation, give them 2 sets of Vulcan and 1 set of Mars. Just what S6 got, and S6 was a server thrown in battle way earlier than S7. No Spartan, they had a chance to work and earn it. Who did not do it should blame themselves and be happy with some Vulcan and 1 Mars. Period.

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Post time: 2016-05-13 05:59:20
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Edited by ag_Matvil64 at 2016-05-13 06:01

S2 received : bright helmet and loyal pieces
S3 received : 50 gold
S4 received : Nothing
S5 & S6 : received mars and vulcs

My opinion never changed : No gear should be given, absolutely never. Servers should have the proper events before merging, so players can get the basics, proudly, by their own and not by gift.

You compensate for what? Time? Gear owned? If time, what about new players, regardless of their server? If it is gear, what is the real gear owned by a server? The top players, the common player? It is mainly rumors between players and they only consider the top. We all know there's lot of ppl in each league, M1 or S7, who don't have even a set. And we all know there's  M1 & S7 top players with more than 10 in each server.

So it goes nowhere again. If you start again to give some gear, neverending complaints will start. Our wish is : players should be able to acquire the gear by themselves before a merger. And so they need the proper events. If it is stated that S7 players needs more time or events, just give them more time and events. If no, they can join immediatly and no compensation is required. And so, no more dramas. Only admin and techs can do this analysis : players have only rumors, fears, and feelings.

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